HOUSE RULES (must-read!)

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HOUSE RULES (must-read!) Empty HOUSE RULES (must-read!)

Post by Cal on Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:09 am

Based on the many feedback I got, I want to try something new.
The basic idea goes like this:

You create one main character sheet. You put in the information you want to share. Make it as detailed as you can, but don't feel forced to share things you'd rather keep to yourself or haven't decided yet. This is why there won't be a pre-made character sheet.
This character will be your main and hopefully this contributes in making him/her come to life. The same character can participate in each world, sometimes with a slight change (magical abilities can only be performed in Odox, for example).

Apart from that you can also make side-characters (because I know we like to explore and experiment with characters) that you may use. I don't really advise it, but I want the option to be there for the purpose of maximum participant freedom in choice.
Make a separate character sheet for each character you create.

Put character sheet titles in the form of: CS: FORUM NAME: Character Name
For example: CS: CAL: Kjolmar Barrow-Delacroix

Since there is only one sheet per topic, there is plenty of room for others to post replies there if they have any questions about your character.


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