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Post by Whoami on Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:21 am

Forum Name: Whoami

Character Name: Maria Aquila

Gender: Female

Age: 20

CS: Whoami: Maria Aquila Long%2BEmo%2BHairstyles

Personality: Maria is a rebellious young adult who would prefer to have a fun time then get down to business. While relaxed and easy-going, this doesn't mean she isn't mature. Maria appreciates the time and need for for when things need to be acknowledged on a serious level. She doesn't tolerate shyness, and would more often than not approach somebody who looks like they're feeling out of place. Maria's warm nature makes her somebody that anybody can be around comfortably.

Background: During her years in high school, Maria was that one girl who had a bit of everything in her. She was good looking, smart, and welcoming. However, in her private life, things weren't the same. She never knew her mother, she wished she had. Her father, was a drunken asshole in the midst of depression. He had an addiction to gambling which nearly cost her their home. Whenever something went wrong in her father's life, he'd take it out on her. Maria would occasionally arrive to school with some cuts and bruises which she never explained to anybody what they were all about. Because of her relationship with her father, Maria took whatever opportunity to leave the house and stay away from her home. When she couldn't she was constantly arguing with her dad and never did anything he told her to do.

Maria's nineteenth birthday was a nightmare for her. After having a party at her best friend's place. Her father found out and out of anger, went to take her home. What ensued was an argument in front of about a hundred people, that resulted in her being forcefully taken home. Later that night, her father went on another drinking spree, where the horror really began. Maria woke up in her bed to find her father straddling and raping her. After that night, she called the police for her father's arrest. She no longer thought of her father as a parent, never went to visit him in prison or even give him a phone call. She has lived with her best friend since.

Powers (Odox Only)

Mind Control: Maria was a very persuasive girl in her life. Because of this, her persuasion skills have allowed her to control the minds of people. She can only control the mind of one individual at any given time. Unless...

Alter Ego: The horrors of Maria's private life have caused a train wreck in her mind. Beatings from her father, never knowing her mother, and the rape... Maria's nightmares start to manifest into Odox's reality as she slips into an uncontrollable alter ego. Her ability to mind control is twice as powerful, able to dominate the minds of more than one person around her.

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