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Post by iBenYeah? on Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:15 am

Oliver 'Olli' Lucas

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexual orientation: Straight

CS: iBenYeah?: Olli Lucas Tumblr_m7zbqcCA0r1r8k8tho1_500

Biography: Olli is that sort of guy many people have mixed opinions on. Opinions and nothing compared to fact however, so heres the facts. He's tall, a musician, social, outgoing, funny, a charmer, very open and is the sort of person who rarely gives a fuck. To Olli if you asked him who he aspires to be like, he would answer with no one. Olli remains to be himself and believes he will always will be.

Olli's friends are like his family, and although they sometimes may not see eye to eye with him, they know that without him the group would not be the same.

To adults he is frustrating, not in a way which he is the guy that cause's trouble on purpose, but it is hard for them to understand how Olli works. A guy who is always up for a laugh and doesn't give a fuck what people thinks, has so much compassion for the smallest things. This has shown mainly to his dad, and if there was anyone who understand Olli most it would be Craig, Olli's dad.

Olli lives with his dad, since his mom and dad broke up. Olli has never got on with his mom fully and after a year of living with just her he decided to move in with his dad who was happy to have him. Olli's dad could be seen as Olli's best mate, but not in an active sort of way. His dad has always been there for him but never tried to get involved in his life.

Olli see's himself as living a double life. Although he is outgoing as much as anyone else, that is normally only around other people. Olli is very much different on his own. Olli has a form of bipolar, which acts up when on his own, he starts to feel more amplified emotions which are normally quite sad ones. Olli can get very depressed and has numerous times harmed himself in furious anger, his problem is so complicated to him, he can't figure out any triggers, therefore Olli keeps it to himself.

Olli's pride and joy, also his headquarters is his loft. him and his dad, converted the loft into a space for Olli to chill with his friends, and has been Olli's place for years. The loft is full of random junk and a mismatch of posters but yet is very spacious. There is also a balcony with has a spiral staircase leading to the garden, meaning his mates could go straight up.

Powers: (Odox Only)


Olli's powers adapt to the situations around him. They change according to his emotions, surroundings and physical feelings such as pain. However this power is very unstable, because it relies on Olli so much, any change in his persona could change his powers. Olli has no control over these powers and most of the time has no clue which ones he has.


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