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Post by Day-Z on Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:29 am

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Adara qualifies as mostly a bitchy bitch according to society's standards - a hateful, condescending person who thinks she's the center of the universe. To a certain extent, she feeds that perception, mostly because the common impression people have of her doesn't impress or interest her in the slightest. She has very limited resources for caring as far as the humans surrounding her are concerned. She could do without them and her strong belief is that the entire planet would be better off without their parasitic intrusion.
Her loyalty comes out from being the instinctive creature she actually is - Adara relies on instinct rather than logic, unlike most people and can seem extremely reckless and rash at times. She doesn't stop to think her decisions through, she takes the chance when she sees it and that is a benefit for her survival skills.
She has spent most of her life considering feelings a weakness and has, as such, blocked them whenever possible. She becomes attached to people with a lot of trouble and as soon as she feels betrayed she lashes out kind of like an angered lioness. She can be extremely hurtful and judgmental from that point forth and lets go of her spite with an effort, not because she enjoys the feeling itself or because that emotion in particular enables her to attack without remorse, but because she finds herself hurt and feels the need to build walls up once again.

She is a smart lass and something that people would typically call the 'artsy' type, not that it matters much in a crumbling world. She has never been an overachiever and has always been of opinion that she only needs to proves how good she is and how good she can become to herself and nobody else. And she has been fiercely loyal to that concept all through the passing years.

Adara had lost her links with her family even before the major event that had turned the world upside down. That didn't make the loss any easier, as her mind occasionally drifts to her younger sister and the ones who have pretty much fended for her for the better part of her life. She has finished an education as a game-designer and had just gotten into vet-nursing school as she felt it was a sort of personal calling when everything went down.
She is married and as of late, she has stopped using any sort of titles for anything or anyone. She is a survivor and that is all she does - as a consequence, she has had no hesitations when she was forced to put a bullet through the vice-president's skull when he found himself lost and confused on a territory that she was trying to build her surviving experience on.


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