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Post by jetipster on Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:09 am

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Felix Arthur Belleville



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CS: Jetipster: Felix Arthur Belleville Gabriel_aubry.0.0.0x0.432x658-350x533

Felix is friendly at first appearance, but will be judging a person from behind his sparkling grey eyes. He is a being of habit and likes order in his life to protest against the chaos that rules in the world he cannot control… you could say he had a complex. If he doesn’t like you he’ll make it obvious pretty quickly, but will always prefer to fight battles with a sharper tongue before a dull blade is drawn. However he will not hesitate to assist someone in need, is a polite and courteous young man and fiercely loyal to those he holds dear.

Born in a quiet Southern fishing village to a fleet owner and his healer wife, it was assumed that Felix would continue in the family business of fishing, as few boys possessed the healing ability. However his mother’s long lineage of powerful healers awoke a dormant strain within his father’s native heritage from a time when his people were one with the waves. Felix was blessed with the ability to control water in all of its states and was quickly sent to train with a local mage by his insistent mother. He quickly became a specialist in ice manipulation, a godsend for his village that lived under a hot sun for many moons of the sun cycle.
Growing into a young man, Felix yearned to explore more than his homeland, to showcase his powers and search for ever more complex techniques, and so set off for the icy north…

Magical abilities (only in Odox):
* Hydrokinesis – Manipulation of H2O Molecules
* Cryokinesis – Manipulation of temperature reduction and ice formation
* Empathetic Amplification – like the ever changing water he controls Felix has an empathic connect with any still and calm emotion as well as furious powerful environments enabling his mind to amplify those feelings amongst a group of people. (Note: Some semblance of the feeling must already exist.)

Additional information:
Felix is homosexual.


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