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Post by MarkD on Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:33 pm

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Agostino Auditore is a silent man, rarely saying anything without having it thought through. He dabbles in philosophy and would rather observe and study than act on impulse.
He is a very kind man, regardless of his stoic composure and is loyal to his mission, his friends and his beliefs. If you need a man with a clear head in heated situations, this is the man to seek out.
Agostino is an expert in weaponry, wielding swords, blades and several other weapons. He prefers to be up close and take a direct approach, but has never been known to rush into combat without knowing his odds or having a plan. His dexterity and strength allows for him to travel by rooftops, almost as well as anyone would travel on ground.

Agostino was born to simple parents but grew up in a secretive society known by many names. They had caught him stealing from merchants. As he explained that it was only due to the downright theft of his families assets by the royals, they took it upon themselves to train Agostino and teach him to serve a cause and still support his family. At this time, Agostino was 10.

Auditore respected every member of the order and regarded them as brothers, mentors and trusted friends. They trained him in hand-to-hand combat, pushing him beyond his limit every day of his childhood as well as mentally challenging him, prompting him to study as many books as he could find. Auditore rose through the ranks and earned the respect of his brothers and those whom he assisted on his missions. Lee took it upon himself to make sure that no innocent suffered, keeping him in his birth city rather than being send around the country like the others. His parents were chased from the land, due to his mother not being a native, and he was left to fend for himself as a teenager. He has since grown to be a respected member of the order and an excellent assassin.


- Superhuman speed
- Energy constructs (the ability to construct items, working constructs and objects out of energy)
- Enhanced hearing


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