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Post by Day-Z on Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:47 am

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Andromeda Krio




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She is an elusive character. Her shape-shifting ability allows her to move more smoothly and to blend in with her surroundings in such a way that she can minimize contact with potential ill-intended individuals. She lacks trust especially when it comes to other races and is usually wary of strangers, as a general rule. She isn't aggressive, she will most likely try to avoid a fight than be in it, even if it means running away and selling herself out as a coward.

Andromeda was born to a small tribe in the far north of Odox. Many doubt its sheer existence as the tribe members keep to themselves and hardly make an appearance, let alone mingle with political issues of the world. She was brought up in a way that would be called savage by those who knew the tribe and its ways too little and she has proved her talents soon into her childhood.
Her training was her mother's business or had been until she died. Andromeda had no other siblings or relatives, but she had the tribe and the people in it who helped through her grief and offered her the protection, support and affection she needed to pull through.


Shape-shifting - stable ability that she has full control over. (only one alternative form: snow leopard).
Heat-vision - only works in her human form, as her animal form is pretty much nature-bound.


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